Digitalization of Financial Sector

Article by Bharti Guglani

The financial sector is actively changing, switching to more complex technologies. Active changes in the financial sphere affect both traditional financial and credit institutions. “Digitalization” is transforming the financial sector and innovative activity is becoming a prerequisite for retaining existing customers and attracting new one. The CO-VID 19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation. In particulars, the need for digital connectivity to replace physical interactions between consumers and providers. Digital changes takes place in the economies of different countries are greatly transforming the financial sector. Consumers perceives the ongoing digital changes in financial industry differently, which is due to different values of generations, the difference in the opportunities for using digital technologies by different age groups. Now, we talk about crypto currency… BITCOIN is increasing vulnerable, other already have been majority attract. What then of so called crypto currencies that seek to stabilise their value against sovereign fiat currencies or other safe asset?